What to Expect When in Driving School

It is normal to feel nervous during your first driving lesson. Everyone else has felt the same way, so your fear and anxiety are reasonable. But remember not to let your anxiety get the best of you. If you do, you will end up panicking, and you will not be in the best state of mind to drive while you have an instructor watching you like a hawk on the passenger seat. Having said all of that, it is best to be prepared before your first day of driving lessons. The very purpose of this article is to help you assess what you could expect from your first day in driving school to lessen your anxiety.

The things you should not do:

  1. Avoid the freeway on the first day of your driving lessons. You are not quite ready for that driving environment just yet. You can see Melbourne driving school for further queries.
  2. Avoid instructors who are impatient and rude. Instructors who get angry easily kills the motivation of the learner and ends up making the student feel even more nervous than they already are.
  3. Do not cheat on your lesson time. Anxiety can make us do a lot of unnecessary things like cutting your lesson short but make sure to make the most out of what you pay for by making the most out of your lessons.

Pick Up

It is most likely guaranteed that your instructor will arrive on time, so be early as well. If your instructor happens to be late for some unknown reason, contact the driving school to notify them of the instructor’s tardiness. Otherwise, you must be ready to leave when the instructor does show up early for the lesson. Make sure to have the following list of items with you:

  1. Instruction permit
  2. In case you have bad vision, make sure to have corrective lenses like eyeglasses or contact lenses
  3. Sunglasses to avoid glare when driving early in the morning or late afternoon
  4. Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. It is not wise to wear shoes like stilettos, platforms, and sandals.

To avoid distractions while driving on the road, it would be of great help to turn your cell phone or at least, to keep it in silent mode. Any distractions must be kept to a bare minimum to avoid potential accidents while driving.

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