Packing Supplies For Moving Collectibles Glassware and Antiques

Buying Packing Supplies through assures you of the same top quality of products as our factory direct moving boxes that many professional movers and families have come to trust.  To order correct moving supplies you’ll need to know their intended use in packing and protecting different items with different shapes and weights.  It is important to know that no matter how sturdy the moving boxes are without correct packing supplies the risk of damages during the move will always stay the same.For more details visit paper bags Melbourne.

The name of the game is to utilize the right Packing Supply for the right job and also in order to pack items correctly first we should find out what normally causes various damages during the move process.  As most professional movers will agree the human factors in being careless, rough or clumsy are not the main culprit in most incidents causing damages during the packing or moving stages, as the moving and shifting of the item during the transit are.  In general to avoid most damages we have to secure the items by filling the void area in the boxes, covering the surface of the item and finally creating a cushioning around the subject.

We could secure the moving boxes by packing tape to prevent the box from opening but if the items inside the box are loose it is obvious that a sturdy box and strong packing tape by themselves could not protect the valuables in the box against damages.  To reduce risk of such damages we offer different solutions, for smaller items any, Packing Papers and Bubble Wraps are a perfect tool to could cover the surface by wrapping the item, fill in the void area by making fluffy balls from them or simply cushion them from rubbing against the packing boxes or other object.  Packing Peanuts are perhaps the most versatile packing aid that fills in the void area very easily.

Moving Blankets and Furniture Pads

For packing the larger items there are different methods for different subjects, the Moving Blankets and Furniture Pads are perfect tools in covering and coushioning furniture, appliances and almost any bulky item that cannot be packed in Moving Boxes.  The Moving Blankets have been favored by the professional movers as well as some insurance companies for years but in recent years has gained popularity among the general public as well. offers Moving Blankets in 3 different categories of Quilted Moving Blankets in 3 strength of40, 65 and 90 pound per dozen and different quantities of of 1, 3, 6 and 12 per set.  These specific grade of Moving Blankets are the among the most durable blankets and could be used over and over for multiple moves; they also make an excellent cover for furniture and appliance in the garage or other storage areas.

The second item in this line is the Textile Moving Blankets or Skins that are much thinner and lighter than the Quilted Moving Blankets and normally are good for a single move.  The textile Moving Blankets are made of felt-like fabric and come in one weight category and the quantities of 3, 6, 12 and 24 blankets per set.

For the third item we offer Furniture Paper Pads that are packed in sets of 8, 16, 24 and 36 per section.  These triple layer Paper Pads measured at 48″x72″ and are ideal for covering bulky items like piano, furniture and appliances.

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