Lost Car Keys

How To Solve Lost Car Keys?

We can all be in a situation where we get something lost or misplaced due to a lot of circumstances and accidents. One of them is experiencing lost car keys which you can think of as terrible problem yet it’s still good to know there are always solutions for every problem! Two options that Locksmith Training University recommends are first, to contact your car dealer and second, to contact a professional locksmith service in your area for immediate rescue.

But, remember that before you contact any concerned service, you should firstly do these steps to search for your lost car keys by going to the recent areas or places you’ve been to and locate them. Otherwise, if you think the keys are stolen here’s what you can do:

  • If you still cannot locate the keys then contact the police if you think your vehicle might be at risk.
  • Next, contact a locksmithing service to erase the stolen keys from the vehicle’s immobilizer box or ECU, and then they’ll re-code the locks to new combinations and produce a new working key so you don’t have to worry about the car being stolen. For more information mobile locksmith

What A Locksmith Can Do To Replace Keys Than Car Dealers

  • Locksmiths can check on your car straightaway while the main dealer may require you to have the car towed to their workshop for new keys then be programmed to the vehicle.
  • Locksmiths may recover your misplaced automobile keys the same day you requested for service but a car dealer may not be able to complete that straightaway so you’ll have to wait for a couple of weeks for the replacement keys to be sent due to the fact that some keys are delivered overseas.
  • Car dealers may charge higher than what replacement car keys from locksmiths.

Replacing Lost Car Keys

Car keys are replaced by either cutting them to code, pattern or lock. Locksmiths do carry key blanks that can be cut with the latest cutting through computerized machinery as well with a computer software to ensure the perfect fitting. Otherwise, misplaced car keys can also both be cut to code and re-manufactured from ignition lock or vehicle door.

If your car is fitted with an immobilizer system then it will only operate using a correctly programmed transponder key where locksmiths will need to reprogram a new key in it to your vehicle’s immobilizer box or main ECU.

Car Key Replacement Brands

Locksmiths replace keys depending on brand. Most likely these type of keys are highly available for replacements:

  • Audi Keys
  • Ford keys
  • Fiat keys
  • Honda keys
  • Lexus keys
  • Nissan keys
  • Peugeot keys
  • Vauxhall keys
  • Volkswagen keys
  • Toyota keys

With a wide variety of common cars then you can have no problem when you get your car keys lost again. But take note, you should still take care of them so you won’t have to change keys from time to time as it’s not ideal and practical.